Wow! signal

August 17, 1977 radio telescope in Ohio caught signal, later became very famous, scanning the sky the telescope listening for, and only once the telescope recorded signal, which when heard of him became very famous.

He became known as a signal Wow!, This signal was stable source of radio waves, like the one that we can send into space, it differed from the radio which so much of the universe. The computer recorded the signal as the six letters and numbers, astronomer Jerry Eman saw the data and wrote in the margin one word – Wow!

Later, scientists scanned many times this part of the sky, but nothing found, the signal Wow! disappeared.

Sign Wow! came to us from a star system located from us at 200 light-years, to us it was at least 200 years, and if we send a response to them will take another 200 years. By then, perhaps, or our or their civilization has come to an end.

Maybe where you live there are people just like us, at least they have two arms and two legs, as evidenced by the image of ancient astronauts in cave drawings and descriptions in ancient legends, and perhaps this is another civilization, and quite another forms of life. We can not answer these questions, but it is already possible to say with absolute certainty, we are in this universe are not alone.