Technologies used in pyramids

Thanks for the interesting stuff Eliza St. Thomas

One of the great wonders of the world - the Egyptian pyramids have long excites minds not only Tomb Raider, but a lot of scientists, archaeologists and even architects. I still do not find any material about how to create records of the pyramids.

Features of construction of the pyramids clearly show the existence of technologies beyond the control now living Earthling.

Blocks that built the pyramids, weigh from 2 to 500 tons. No wooden levers, rollers, embankments and other structures will not help lift the massive "brick".

Egyptians also possessed the secret of the "cut" these massive blocks. Today in Moscow stone treatment companies to get a flat surface on the granite surface using special saws with diamond tips

To cut a block of 1.5 meters is required to drink 3.5 meters in diameter. However, it is formed propyl 1.5 cm, less fail saw not stand. How to explain the fact that in the Cairo Museum is nedopileny sarcophagus in which the width of sawing edge was only 3 millimeters ie 5 times less!

Traces of saws and core drills on the sarcophagus

«Some corners of the pyramid are not made by joining of the two blocks, and by making the angle in the block "- says Candidate of Economic Sciences Gleb Nosovsky.

Consider the fragment of an inscription in the temple of Pharaoh Seti at Abydos. "Among the characters in it is something like a" catalog "of means of the time: airplanes, helicopters, some mechanism in which specialists spotted sort of laser unit and the unit is designed to run on the ground to" air cushion».

Surprising even surface granite floor next to the pyramid and the pyramid of Cheops Ushakapa. Even more amazing is that all the blocks of different lengths and thicknesses. The impression is that it is aligned after installation. The floor is made of black basalt.

Pyramid acts as a transformer. Like a huge glass it collects energy from the earth, transforming it into a different form.

Not far from the Pyramids are structures called temples. At the entrance are located pairwise stele. Maybe it's a tuning fork that sets a certain frequency included in the pyramid temple of the radiation, while an unknown nature.

civilization were more advanced than the current living person, and their knowledge was simply lost the second - this unique technology has been given to man and disposed of extraterrestrial intelligence.