So what is paleocontact

So what is paleocontacts, and why we write about it.

According to science modern man, Homo sapiens, appeared as a result of evolution, separated from other hominids, great apes and placental mammals about 200 thousand years ago. Is a descendant of other people, including the oldest known living species in Europe - Homo antecessor (Man predecessor), who lived from 1.2 million to 800 thousand years ago. Distinguish the following stages of human development: the Lower Paleolithic, Middle Paleolithic, Upper Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Modern people. We are interested in the Upper Palaeolithic. Referring to official sources.

Upper Palaeolithic

This later period of the Old Stone Age. He started 40 thousand years ago. At the end of the Wurm glaciation, which began 75 thousand years ago, there were Cro-Magnons (neantropy, fossil modern man). Brain volume 1600 (1100 - 2200 cm3). Skull - like that of modern humans. Superciliary solid roller missing. Chin protrusion developed, so it was well developed. The tools of stone, but more sophisticated. They lived in caves and shelters. Worn clothing. It was a time of primitive tribal community. Asian hunters across the Bering Strait land bridge to North America entered. People got to Australia. Invented needle. On a fragment of the bone shows a lunar calendar. Primitive artists adorn the walls and ceilings of the caves of France and Spain.

Paleolith eyes of the artist

However, in the era of horseback Paleolithic (and some early Mesolithic), people begin to create the crown of creation, which is impossible to repeat: all the megalithic monuments were built in one period of time (about ~ 5000 - ~ 10 000 BC) At this time were built pyramids of Giza and the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, in these dates is the approximate age of the blocks and on the ruins of Puma Punku, Tiahuanaco and Machu Picchu in South America. The first logical question begs itself. How people who only just learned how to create simple huts sudden appearance of such technology? (please note the following machine cuts and holes on the drill)

Blocks in the ruins of Puma Punku - age > 2000 years

But even more clearly that is several thousand years old and people still build earthen dugouts. Let's see a video that clearly shows the difference in the masonry. The material that was laying on top of a great machine-processed blocks is just clay with stones, and in fact corresponds to human development at the time.

The right question to ask is - how people in such a short period of time learned to build such a complex engineering structure, and why, after some few thousand years it has lost this knowledge? Another valid and logical question to ask is - why these complex structures lined with beautifully machined blocks (which sometimes reach weighing 1000 tons), appeared at around the same time and for the whole world? Characteristics of the equipment used in the construction of the megaliths, amaze experts even today. In Aswan preserved quarry, which was quarried gray granite. It was nedorublenny block weighing about 1,200 tons. No modern equipment can not even come close to their lifting and moving. If we pay attention to the side effects of cutting unit, it immediately becomes apparent high level of technical capacity development quarry. And how it could carve people at that time, without special tools?

Unfinished Obelisk in Asuan Egypt

All these questions can not answer modern science, preferring to ignore them in principle. I propose to look at two more movie being shot blocks found in the ruins of Tiwanaku near age > 1 000 BC.
We see traces of cutters, drills and machine processing of stone.

However, the official science claims that it did Indian tribes. Ie scientists propose to believe that at the time (> 1 000 BC) the Indians had drills, mills, lathes, and mills for precision machining of stone.

Thus, in the short period of our history on our entire planet appear significant monuments, different from all the other buildings BC lovely stone processing, scale and precise engineering calculations. Also, in the mythology of all peoples of the world appear certain gods descended from the heavens. Different people are described in different ways, but all of these myths are reduced to one - beings from heaven. In the same period there are figurines and cave paintings, which also depicted these gods.
And then one day the construction is over, and in all the legends say that the gods had gone back to heaven. What is this? The expedition ended with the gods?

It can be assumed on the basis of extensive evidence that they were not gods, and representatives of other civilizations. Thus, we assume that about 10 000 years ago, the planet landed some interplanetary expedition. In appearance the astronauts differed little from us, what is quite clearly shows cave paintings and figurines of "gods" have come down to our time.

We assume that the expedition built a number of technical installations, the most famous of which Puma Punku and Machu Picchu. Also remained takeoff area Nazca. Obviously, they had very good tools for working stone, as indicated (in the literal sense of the word) sawn mountain in South America. For what would have been clear how easily cut huge chunks right out of the rock mass, watch the following video.

We assume that they were built several pyramids in Egypt, which according to the structure of their cameras, and a clear focus on the constellation Orion - were and are something of a transmitter. Our guests tried to leave for us what that mark, as evidenced by huge patterns in mountains of South America (see America).