Vimans - India

Many Sanskrit stories written by more than 2 thousand years ago in India, contain information about the mythical flying machines called vimana. By comparing the similarities in the descriptions of Wyman and UFOs, we can assume that in the past, India hosted the astronauts from other planets.

In the 13th book of the poem Kalidasa "Rod Raghu" described the same subject, as in the "Ramayana." Rama, after defeating Ravana and regaining Sita, the celestial chariot Pushpake his wife returns home. Kalidasa uses this story to describe South India with a bird's eye:

Look heavenly chariot flies is on the trail of the gods, then the country clouds, high in the sky where the birds soar, and in its motion it truly obey the dictates of my thoughts. From a great height ... my gaze reaches of the lake to the shores of Pampa, densely overgrown with reeds, with subtle here in flocks of cranes, and awakens bygone sadness. ... Below, near the mountains, the river meanders Mandakini, flowing its clean and clear water from a distance it seems very thin, like a string of pearls adorning the chest of land.

Indian Indologist and historian Vishnampet Dikshitar in his book «Warfare in Ancient India» («Warfare in Ancient India") talks about using Wyman in ancient wars and argues that vimana were not mythical objects, but actually existing aircraft, "contribution India in the development of the science of aeronautics. "

Documenting Wiman, is nothing but a description of the aircraft of our guests from distant echoes of the past and a similar description in the Bible (Enoch), and in the mythology of other nations.