Rock paintings - Algeria

To the south from Algeria on plateau Tassil in the center of desert Sahara a number of figures on which strange essences in survival suits and helmets are represented has been found. Age of figures of the order of 10000-12000, artists were hunters and cattlemen.
Within the paleocontact theory ancient artists tried to represent ancient astronauts who most likely entered with them direct contact, and also their flying objects.
Most likely our ancient guests were externally similar to modern astronauts.

UFO flying up?

Strange beings in space suits

Being in a space suit flying over the desert

Ancient expedition? (Jabbaren is about 30 km almost due south from Sefar)

It is not less interesting and following figure which has received the name “The Great god of Mars”

the Great god of Mars

Compare it with a photo of the modern cosmonaut.

Modern cosmonaut