Roswell UFO Incident - USA

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Roswell has become one of the most important moments in the world of ufology, it's the first time in the history of the official army officers in the press acknowledged the collapse of an alien spaceship. But in the future, this information has been hidden. Roswell incident formed the basis of the same movie, and much of the discussion about UFOs begins with him.


In July 1947, crashed unknown flying object near the town of Roswell.

July 8, 1947 Army Air Command airbase Roswell, New Mexico (509th Bomb Group based in Roswell, New Mexico), formally acted in a press statement, which said: "Intelligence 509 bombers of the Eighth Air Regiment of the U.S. Army, with the assistance of a local farmer and county sheriff found a" flying disk " (Flying Disc or Flying Saucer). After that, the disc was taken to Roswell Air Base, where subjected to preliminary examination. "

Later, the military issued a denial of its own information, saying that in fact it was weather balloon, but this has not been granted by the general public, and all information on the incident was strictly classified.


July 8, 1947 an FBI agent, whose name is removed from the document, made a report, in which he reported to his superiors that in the desert were found three objects: balloons with a diameter of about 20 feet and attached disk hexagonal-like confessional reflector.

In the future, either intentionally or accidentally, had been leaked FBI documents related to the incident in the online project, which they called "Refuge." The site is an electronic version of the Reading Room, which contains more than 2,000 scanned documents relating to many events. Apparently they weren't good enough censored documents relating to UFOs, emerged as a note, written by a special agent in the performance of the Washington Operations Branch Director of the FBI on March 22, 1950, which affirmed the UFO incident in Roswell in 1947. This document (a copy of the picture below) says that in New Mexico, were found three so-called flying saucers. They described them as having a round shape with a raised centres about 50 feet in diameter (~ 15.25m, approx. Mixednews). In each of them there were three human bodies, but with the height of three feet (~ 0.9m), dressed in metallic clothing with very fine structure. Each body was bandaged by belts like fighter pilots or test pilots.

Extract from the FBI