Rock paintings

Placard Cave - France

La grotte du Placard is a decorated cave in the commune of Vilhonneur in Charante, 30 km east of Angoulême. It is situated on the left bank of the Tardoire, in the hamlet of Rochebertier, in a cliff which overlooks the Tardoire. It was discovered around 1853.
The rock painting which you see is made during an era of a Upper Paleolithic (more than 15000 years ago). On it we see the spaceship and the newcomer. More you can see here.

Horseshoe Canyon Style images - USA

Barrier Canyon Style (BCS) describes a distinctive style of rock art which appears mostly in Utah, with the largest concentration of sites in and around the San Rafael Swell and Canyonlands National Park, but the full range extends into much of the state and western Colorado. The term was first applied by Polly Schaafsma (The Rock Art of Utah, 1971) to describe a handful of similar sites known at the time, including several along Barrier Creek in Horseshoe Canyon (formerly known as Barrier Canyon). Barrier Canyon Style rock art panels are mostly pictographs (painted) but there are also several petroglyphs (pecked) in the style. These panels are believed to have been created during the archaic period (probably late archaic) and are estimated (from direct and indirect carbon 14 dates) to be somewhere in the range of 1500 to 4000 years old, possibly older - clay figurines of a similar style found in Cowboy Cave (in a tributary canyon to Horseshoe Canyon) have been dated to over 7000 years old. Within the paleoconact theory on these rock paintings are represented our ancient guests , we see technical details of space suits, helmets, antennas and flying devices.

Nine Mile Canyon USA - The Family Panel

This is called the Family Panel and is another of the notable sites in Nine Mile. The central “father-child-mother” anthropomorph figures may actually have nothing to do with a family.

Rock painting - Fergana in Uzbekistan

Near the city of Fergana in Uzbekistan, on the border with China, Soviet scientists have discovered cave drawing, which is then carefully copied. In the background we see the astronaut and a UFO in the sky.

Despite the fact that the picture at first glance seems obvious fake, should immediately be noted that this figure was found at the end of 50th years when has not yet formed a UFO cult. Something like that people can draw now, just for fun, but after the war in the Soviet Union, people do nothing about it did not know. The official version of the approximate age of the figure of about 4000 years.

Rock painting, Val Camonica, Italy.

The famous rock painting in Italy 10,000 BC., we see two astronauts on the head in their helmets.

Rock paint was founded in Sahara