Osirion - Egypt

Osirion, Abydos - «water» temple, built more than 11 thousand years before Christ

Like the pyramids, Osirion built of huge stone blocks weighing several tons (the largest in the whole territory of Egypt), carefully processed and matched to each other. Rise out of the water column, each weighing up to 65 tons. The building is 30 meters long and 20 wide, able to stand for centuries without the use of a bonding mortar between the blocks, because of their type of bond. Within the paleocontact theory - one of ancient technical constructions who was found by Egyptians and is built partially on.

Osirion, Abydos

So, is it any wonder this building?
1. Unlike other Egyptian buildings Osirion not oriented to the cardinal, he deployed to clear the north-east. On the north side you can watch the "cross-chamber" that just is not connected to the common room and does not have any inputs. Now look at it there is no way, as it is covered with sand.

2. Despite the fact that the temple is located in the middle of the desert, the room and the floor flooded with water in which they live whiskered catfish. Archaeologists have sought to pump out water to fully explore the temple, but to carry it never once failed. Water is coming from where it is taken in an amount in the desert and a mystery.

Wrote party excavation Neville: "... there is no sex at all, and, absorbed three meters and a half, we met with the percolating water. Paul is not in the big doorway. Apparently, when the front of the church was splashing water, the niches you can swim in the big boat "

3. Osirion built in technology, the so-called ancient megalithic masonry highly technical, the same clutch we meet in Peru, on the Giza Plateau, on the basis of Greek temples, etc.

4. Surprisingly accurate processing cavities in granite block construction (granite is very capricious in their treatment due to non uniformity of the breed). As noted by Andrey Sklyarov, "notches are in place, those who can not get close. They are located at a decent height on the blocks, which are also located in the middle of the building, constantly flooded by groundwater. "

The above facts prove the character processing machine! You can use a circular saw with a diameter reaching 2-2.5 meters.

5. All the blocks were laid after laying perfectly! That is, the original building was laid out "ordinary stones," and then they are polished to a perfect smoothness another tool! This fact proves the following. First, it is noticeable that some blocks have protruding parts visiting a masonry wall itself.

Second, we can see the blocks from which only a portion is cut off.

Third, the only part of the walls is lined, others only prepared to equalize. The figure shows the place where the alignment was suspended.

All structures of ancient Egypt (not just Osirion), we can see that the layer of masonry, which lies on top of high masonry, rough styling features and stone, as well as lower the blocks.

Perhaps the ancient Egyptians worked on the restoration of buildings, built long before Egypt? As well as the Maya of Palenque were built on top of already high-tech buildings, as well as built Baalbek, megaliths at the base can not be repeated today. As well as the blocks at the base of the Greek temples of more than 5 meters.