Nazca - Peru

The plateau of Nazca - one of obvious evidences of the paleocontact theory

Within the paleocontact theory Nazca was ancient spaceport of ancient astronauts. At approach to Nazca we see a huge trident more than 100 meters high who specified the direction to the plateau. Obviously that this sign carried technical mission also I served when that as the index.
On the plateau one of tops was obviously leveled by a mechanical way and reminds modern landing strip of the airport.

The trident specifying a direction to Nazca

If to follow the specified direction that we let's arrive on plateau Nazca on which it is possible to see huge quantity drills, age more than 2000. If to consider These drills costing on the plateau can seem that they mean nothing.

Drills on plateau Nazca from the ground

However from a board of the plane the picture varies, we see a spider, an eagle, the humming-bird , etc.

Figures on plateau Nazca from air

These figures cannot be made out from the ground. Beside there is no height, Any mountain nearby, obviously huge figures as well as a trident on coast Peru are made for whom that arrived by air.

Also we see here huge quantity of runways, look at the following photos.

Runways on plateau Nazca

As a matter of fact plateau Nazca represents the huge thrown airport or the cosmodrome.

Let's separately stop on the following staff as we see a top of a plateau ideally Have leveled under a launching pad. Amazing technologies!

Top of the hill in Nazca

Also we shall consider last the staff, on it we see already familiar to us under other clauses (Necessarily прочтите clause " In rock painting ") shape of the newcomer, The helmet and luminescence around of it is allocated. Quite probably that ancient Indians have found this place Already after "gods" have left it. It there was a number of strange figures and huge quantity take-off Landing strips. Imitating ancient gods from the sky Indians tried to repeat that or Similar, also tried to represent ancient gods.

The ancient alien

Compare it with rock painting figure found in Australia.

Figure of the ancient god found in Australia