Experiences over animals

If you are impressionable to you better to not look this clause further.

On September, 7th, 1967. At one of local farmers the three-year stallion on nickname Snippy was gone. Searches of a horse have come to the end with an ominous find, the body of a horse has been dismembered.

From remains there was a smell reminded formalin, the leather and muscular fabrics have been accurately removed. This incident could be written off on the madman, but it is not individual. In total in the world it has been fixed more such 50000 cases.

Such corpses find with frightening frequency if to trust stories of their owners at some individuals with surgical accuracy those have been cut out, or other bodies. Amazes not only scale but also that that bodies are cut out almost without blood, it can be seen in the resulted photos. If it was a handwork of mentally unhealthy people skins of the prepared animals would be in blood.

Sheriffs which investigate the given incidents speak that we deal not with predators, not with epidemic and not with satanists, and by scale of the phenomenon and character of the cut out bodies it is a question of gathering a genetic material by visitors from space.