Chronology of UFO emergence

You can get used to even the most unusual. We usually turn on the TV or computer to see the new photos of UFOs and the authority to utter: "It's Photoshop!". We are used to saying that the official history of the UFO began on June 24, 1947, when amateur pilot Kenneth Arnold saw over the Rockies clearly be shining disks, but that was before the invention of digital cameras and cell phones? What was before the era of Jules Verne, radically changed the history of mankind?

Judging from the extant historical records suggests that about the same unidentified flying objects have been observed around the world and always. In one of the most bureaucratic countries - China - even in 557, it was meticulously described the emergence of zigzag moves the obscure objects. In 905 UFO suddenly stopped and hung out for a while, and in 934, China saw a strange object, repeatedly change shape during flight.

Over Japan in 989 several flying objects were combined in one, and in 1015, by contrast, two small flying objects flew several smaller luminous balls. In 1133 over Japan were observed flying objects in the form of sheets. In 1235 Ioritsuma commander and his army saw appeared above them luminous objects in the form of saucers, the night sky is described by circles and loops. In 1423, several flying objects moving in zigzags and united in one, and in 1606 the facilities for long stay and hang out over the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto.

In 1104 in the skies of England observed a large cigar-shaped object around which revolved more luminous disks. The manuscript Emplfortskogo Abbey (England), written in the Latin Church, explains that "one day in 1290 over the heads of the frightened monks appeared a huge oval silver body similar to the disk. It slowly flew over them, causing great terror. "

In the summer of 1355 a lot of people watched over England to a large number of objects, light blue and red. Objects moving across the sky in all directions, and it seemed that they attack each other. Then the "army" red objects become triumph over blue that quickly dropped to the ground.

In 1461 an unknown object flying over the city of Arras (France), suddenly began to move in a spiral.

In 1490 in Ireland over the roofs several times flying silver disc-shaped object, leaving a long trail. As it passes the bell in the bell tower blew off.

In 1520, over Erfurt, accompanied by two small balls flew a large bowl, with a large ball came out of a rotating beam.

In April 1561 over Nuremberg, a large number of flying, "board" and "Cross" and two huge cylinders of which flew out of the balls. At the same time there were numerous spheres and discs, colored red, blue and black. They are all arranged in the sky kind of air combat, citing the horror of the whole population. An hour later the objects began to fall and fall to the ground, killing each other.

In August 1566 over Basel (Switzerland) were observed in the sky high "tilt tube", of which there were balls. At the same time it was observed near a large number of black spherical bodies flying at high speed toward the sun. After some time, they made a half turn and began to deal with each other, as if depicting the battle. Some of the objects becomes a flame red and "eat each other."

Also in 1566 glowing spherical objects have been seen over Munster, Germany.

In 1646, the city of Cambridge (England) in the eyes of the audience rotating fire ball first landed in the country, and then "took off and drove off at high speed."

There is a report of the XVII century, sent from St. Cyril-Belozersky monastery authorities "of meteorites that have appeared in Belozersky district." It says that the 15 th August 1663 over the village Robozero, Vologda, north appeared luminous body diameter of about 40 meters, which is a loud noise at low altitude slowly moved towards the south, from the front of the focused on located near lake village two beams. Once over the lake, the body suddenly disappeared, then came back to 0, 5 km south-west, and soon disappeared again. Finally, it appeared for the third time at a distance of 0, 5 km to the west of the last place of appearance and pomerknuv, disappeared completely. When you try to approach it by boat peasants felt the intense heat, and the bottom of the lake was covered to a depth of 8 m in total body length of observation was 1, 5 hours.

2nd April 1716 collision of two celestial objects observed in the region of St. Petersburg. His description was made on the orders of Vice-Admiral Cruys and is in bringing the Dutch envoy to the court of Peter I - Baron de Bee, held in the archives of the Navy of the USSR. At 9 pm on a completely clean cloudless sky from the northeast came thick dark "cloud" with a pointed top and a broad base, with great speed across the sky Carried, reaching three minutes to half the height of the zenith. At the same time there was a second in the north is the same dark "cloud", moving to the east and podletevshee to the first "cloud" on the west side. The approach of these "clouds" formed between the light "column", which has existed for several minutes.

Then both "cloud" and smashed face, as if a large impact, and at the point of collision there is a great flame, accompanied by smoke which permeated across the rays of flame. Along with this there was a lot of small "clouds" moving with incredible speed and spews bright flame. In addition, a host of colorful arrows that reached up to 80 degrees. from the horizon. According to the description of witnesses, the whole picture resembled the battle fleets and armies, and looked awesome.

The description also mentions that at this time in the north-west there was a huge bright "comet", which rose to 12 degrees. above the horizon. Abnormal phenomenon lasted about a quarter of an hour, to 10 pm, the sky was clear again.

In 1608, when Hans Lipperskhey designed the first optical telescope, the human eye became available more distant heavens. In 1777, Charles Messier, peering into the night sky in search of another comet, observed a large number of flying large dark disks. In 1802, Fritsch, and in 1819, Gryuythauzen observed unidentified objects crossing the solar disk.

In September 1820 on the French town of Embrun smooth formation flying objects resembling the shape of a bell, who have published a lot of noise. Then, without breaking down, they turned to 90 degrees. and flew away. Arik astronomer wrote about this case in the "Annals of Chemistry and Physics": "Numerous observers have seen during a lunar eclipse, strange objects moving in straight lines. They were on ravnyhrasstoyaniyah each other and kept order, making turns with military precision. "

In 1834 Pastorf in 1860, Russell again recorded the unidentified flying objects in the background of the solar disk. In August 1871 astronomer Truvle reported mass emergence of Modena (Italy) at high altitude flying objects, triangular, circular and rectangular, were moving at different speeds. One of the objects lost maneuverability and began to fall slowly, spinning like an autumn leaf.

In November 1882, in Greenwich Observatory Astrophysics Maunder and Capron saw was moving across the sky from north-east to west green glowing disk. As we approach the shape of his change, and he gradually turned into an elongated ellipse. All observation lasted about 2 minutes. After processing the data from various observations, the researchers came to the conclusion that the object was moving at about 200 km at a speed of 16 km / s, and its length was about 110 km and width of 16 km.

In 1892, Dutch astronomer Muller watch black dial, moving against the disk of the moon.

In 1783, the Italian Cavell saw the sea brilliant oval body, moves the jumps. After a while it was raised straight up and flew to the east, then abruptly changed the direction of flight and increased glow, illuminating the entire area. Then it became a round of the elongated, split in two and disappeared.

Italian ufologist Alberto Fengolio found documents on a very unusual story connected with the landing of a UFO and took place near the town of Alencon (France) 12th June 1790 about 17 hours. For investigation of the incident was sent from Paris police inspector named Libe. Witnesses, local farmers told the inspector, and saw a large spinning ball the size of a carriage, surrounded by flames and flying at high speed. He started to fall on their terrain and crashed on top of the hill, destroying an entire plantation of vegetables. Heat radiated from them lit grass and bushes, but they put out the peasants. A huge bowl was so hot that it was impossible to touch. "The witnesses in this case, - wrote in his report Libe - were two mayors, a doctor and three other very famous people, not to mention the huge crowd of peasants. All of them can, if necessary to confirm my report. " When the crowd surrounded the mysterious object, "in the walls opened something like a door and out came a creature that looks like us, but dressed in a strange fashion, full body fitting clothes. Seeing the crowd, being muttered something incomprehensible and ran into the woods. " Farmers in horror shied away from the ball, and after a few minutes the object silently exploded, leaving behind nothing but a fine dust. Organized a search of the mysterious man, "but he seemed to have vanished into thin air…».

In 1812 in Bukovina in the sky there was a big star, followed by a beam of light, and flew to Russia. Then she came back and appeared regularly for four months, while in Russia was at war with France.

In September 1851 over Hyde Park in London during the World Expo More than one hundred luminous disks that flew from the east and north, and then got together and flew away.

The Madrid newspaper for August 1863 means that "the night before last on the south-east of Madrid appeared glowing disk reddish color with a ball of flame. Standing for a long time still, the disc began to move quickly in the horizontal and vertical directions. "

One of the first UFO sightings near the American continent was recorded in 1517 in the log ship squadron conquistador Juan de Grijalva, is located near the Yucatan Peninsula. Then over the masts of ships of the strange object hovering then at 3:00 Kuotzakoalka over the country, emitting bright rays.

Several cases of UFO sightings mentioned Governor of Massachusetts (North America) by John Winthrop to describe the life of Boston in XVII century. In March 1639 about 10 pm James Averell with two people crossing the Muddy River in the Back Bay area, and saw a bright light emanating from a rectangle a width of about 9 feet in the sky. Hung motionless at first, the object is then moved to Charles River toward Charleston and back for 2-3 hours, until he was gone. Other witnesses testified to this effect.

On January 18, 1644, at 8:00 pm, with the sea in the Boston area in the north-east over the horizon rose the light, the magnitude equal to the full moon. A few minutes later a similar fire rose from the east. Two fires met over the harbor, near the island Noddl then both disappeared behind the hills.

In the forests of the northern slope of the hill Putney Hill that near Hopkitona (New Hampshire) from 1750 till 1800. repeatedly observed glowing balls, mostly at night. According to reports, a ball could pursue a passerby to stop when the last stop and the pursuit, as he went on. It witnesses the ball was coming to a distance of 50 feet.

In July 1868, residents Kopyago (Chile) was observed in the sky high "bird" with stairs, which published "metal" sound. It is assumed that the real cause of the "Great Fire" in Chicago 8th October 1871 was the passage of a giant ball of fire that destroyed along the way several villages. The heat emitted by the ball, was so strong that under its influence was burning even marble and metal pontoon on the river rafted in the monolith. In the Chicago area after passing the ball have been found hundreds of bodies of people who died for unknown reasons. That same night, the balls are passed over Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and Illinois, in Green Bay, killing 1500 people, Pestigo 6000.

Night April 13, 1879 a Henry Harrison of Jersey City (New Jersey) observed bell object randomly move in the sky. On this case, Harrison told the newspaper «New York Tribune», where the story was reprinted in «Scientific American». Beginning in the 1880s in the United States began to receive numerous reports on the observation of the so-called "airships" - cigar-shaped object, equipped with floodlights and unusual propellers. Since then, reports of meetings with "airships" were characteristic features of modern UFO reports.

On 26 th March 1880 few people noticed in the sky at a low altitude over the railway junction Galisteo (Lamy, New Mexico) object like a fish, with something like a fan at one end. The voices of the facility, there were few discernible shapes. The object disappeared in the eastern direction.

In August 1883, the Mexican astronomer Jose Bonilla carried much more of his European colleagues - he was able to photograph several groups of round or cigar-shaped objects flying formation at the same distance from each other and slowly crossed the disk of the sun from east to west. Each group of 15-20 items, only 283 Bonilla counted object. The next day he saw another 116 such objects. It is believed that Jose Bonilla took the very first pictures of UFOs in the history of mankind. In the French magazine "Astronomy" remove objects from the Earth was estimated at about 300 km of.

A group of unidentified flying objects over Mexico were also observed in 1895. In 1886, in Maracaibo (Venezuela), under the influence of an unknown oval object hovering near the house, the bodies of nine people who were inside the house, a tumor that disappeared the next day, leaving black spots. Within 9 days, these people do not feel, but on the 10th day of the affected places festered, forming an open wound, people began losing his hair. At the same time all the trees that were around the house, dried, and they also cause black spots. All the victims were sent to the hospital and survived.

In the period from November 1896 to April 1897, the first in the United States there were a large number of cases of unknown objects with thousands of residents of particular cities, as the newspapers of the time. In 1896, San Francisco, and in 1897 in Chicago, Kansas City and Sistervile cigar-shaped object hover over the cities and sent to the ground bright rays like the rays of searchlights.

Professor, University of Toronto and an Englishman Hunt Dening, generalizing hundreds of witnesses, told the anomalous phenomenon that occurred February 9, 1913 over North America and the western Atlantic. Residents at 21.05 Central Canada observed in the northwestern part of the sky bright-red appearance of the body with a long tail, followed by successively appeared about 10 "waves", each of which was a 20-40 objects flying in groups of 2, 3 and 4 objects. In total, flew over 300 luminous objects, whose disappearance was accompanied by rumbling sound. The total duration of the observation of phenomena for certain groups of observers was more than 3 minutes. From the combination of observations with 143 points in the Americas and on the ships that were then in the Atlantic, it has been found that these objects flying in a straight path from Saskatchewan through the area in New York and Bermuda to Cape San Rock on the coast of Brazil.

In the astronomical literature, this phenomenon is called "fireballs Hunt" or "Procession Kirillid", although all of its characteristics contradict bolide flight characteristics. For example, the length of the trajectories of objects in the atmosphere was more than 9000 km, while the maximum recorded length of the bolide flight in near-Earth space is 2400 km. Flying height of these objects, according to Hunt, is about 40 kilometers, and according to Hofmeister and Davidson - about 70 - 80 km, and their trajectory parallel to the earth's surface, while altitude fireball is much larger and their trajectories tend , directed at an angle to the surface of the Earth.

All witnesses described phenomenon also noted that a group of these objects were moving slowly and majestically, speed, flight duration was 8-10 km / s, while the speed bolide flight is several tens of km / s, and the duration of follow - just a few seconds. What is surprising is the fact that there were no observations of one drop of "fireballs". Hunt suggested that it could be a group of small celestial bodies, flying past the Earth and captured it, with the result that they have acquired a circular orbit parallel to the earth's surface. But other scholars such as Davidson, Hofmeister and Fischer argued that air resistance would prevent the usual space bodies to make such a long flight in the atmosphere, because they had to burn down or fall to the ground.

5 hours after this observation, that is, at 2.30 am, exactly on the same path again flew several groups of similar objects, though the Earth during that time managed to turn up to 75 degrees. Interestingly, the next day (February 10 at 2 pm) Toronto residents watched span 07.08 dark objects first from west to east and then east to the west.

All of the above facts can be considered conclusive, at least for the reason that the then witnesses also never heard of Steven Spielberg and his "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." As you can see, on the planet Earth, as if on stage, constantly unfolding mysterious events, no matter who was the initiator - the aliens from other planets, or our own descendants from the future.