Bison skull - Russia

In 1928, near the town of Kambia in Rhodesia (Zambia territory) scientists are faced with a completely unexplained phenomenon has detected an ancient human skull with a perfectly straight hole, reminiscent of the trace of the bullet. A similar finding was made in Yakutia, where the skull was found bison that lived 40,000 years ago and got the same flat hole in the skull, to the same overgrown had time during his life.

The theory paleocontacts suggests that this should be one of the first expeditions, even for 30,000 years before our guests began to build megalithic structures and bases in South America.

Any criminal lawyer will tell you that these bullet holes leaves only, no spear, no canine, not able to do that. However, the official history prefers to ignore these facts because they do not fit the "official" picture.