Anti-gravitational field around UFO

By the hypothesis

Major U.S.A F Retired Donald Kehoe (1897-1988) was one of the most famous American ufologists. He has worked with the military archives, in contact with the pilot, UFO encounters, and consulted with leading American scientists.

One of the main conclusions of Donald Kehoe lay in the fact that UFOs are alien spacecraft, capable of creating an anti-gravity field. Modern sightings seem to confirm this conclusion. Night February 15, 1999 over the Pacific U.S. Air Force "Flying Tigers" who was sent to Japan, has found unexpected companions. On the radar screen they were listed as three rapidly moving object, overtaking a group from the American continent. Having caught up with the aircrafts, facilities, without braking, slowed down and went on a parallel course. As the commander of the squadron said: the objects were oval and glowing dark red. According to the pilots, the length of each UFO was above 200 meters. They weren't leaving contrails and had no details on the shell. Joint flight lasted about an half of an hour. Then UFO quickly increased the speed up to 2000 kilometers per hour and got out of vision.
With such a tremendous boost of speed it is deadly for all located inside the unit. However, this apparently didn't occured.
Mastering the gravitational forces for decades remains elusive to scientists. Only in the U.S. are working on this problem 46 laboratories, of which 33 are directly funded by the Air Force. Possible approaches to the creation of anti-gravity engines are working by major aviation corporations - "Boeing", "Douglas", "Hughes" and "Bell Eyrspeys”.
Back in 1961 one of the founders of rocketry Dr. Hermann Oberth, convinced of the reality of UFOs, said: "With a strong acceleration and sudden maneuvers seen in UFO actions, the use of conventional power plants would lead inevitably to the destruction of vehicles. The creatures inside, would be smeared on the inner walls of the shell. But when you create around the machine of its gravitational field passengers simply will not feel the rapid changes of speed and direction of flight”.
Modern physicists see in artificial gravity source of inexhaustible energy. State first came over this power, will be the most powerful country. Therefore, in the United States do not spare money for the development of generators of artificial gravitational fields. According to the American ufologists, connected to the case, even special services involved. Their task is to study UFO and try to capture one of them, in order to study the anti-gravity engine. So far, however, success is not got nobody, and every time the elusive UFOs easily evade persecution-the-art fighter.

p.s. One of the administrators of the site, who observed the appearance of UFOs over Cyprus (Ayia Napa) in August 2010, also drew attention to the curves of ragged trajectory of this objects. Two balls circled over the sea quite arbitrarily changing the flight path, they can easily "jump" up, down, left, right. One gets the feeling that they just specify a point in space that they want to move on..
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